BCE FMS500 Light


FMS500 Light

FMS500 Light applications:

  • Track & trace;
  • Eco driving;
  • Geofencing and overspeeding;
  • Fuel level sensors (analog and frequency);
  • Driver identification;
  • Temperature/humidity sensors;
  • Remote output control and immobilization;
General specification
Inputs: 4x digital (frequency, impulse counter, ON/OFF modes),  2x analogue, 11bit, 0-36V
Outputs: 2x digital, (-)
Power supply: 8 – 31V, Protection from impulses up to 150V
Consumption at 12V: active: <50mA, sleep: <8 mA
Registration of power cut-off to device event log
Internal battery: 700 mAh
Internal memory: 4 МB, up to 150.000 entries
Accelerometer: 3 axis digital accelerometer
Internal odometer: yes
Operational temperature range: from -40 to +85 C°
Dimensions: 68x91x19mm
Weight: Tracker – 64 g, set – 160 g
GSM: Internal antenna
GSM/GPRS class: 10 (up to 85,6 kbit), class B
Detection of GSM jamming: yes
GPS / GLONASS:  Internal antenna
Acquisition: Cold <30 s, hot 1 s, A-GPS support