Wialon Logistics

Wialon Logistics is a multifunctional program created to implement control over all the working stages of a courier delivery service. It consists of two applications: a web version intended for operator’s usage and the mobile one for a courier.

Track Player

Do you want to analyze the movement of one or several vehicles of your fleet? Do you want to show your customer the track of a vehicle with the vehicle moving? Wialon offers you a convenient way of doing this using Track Player.

Track Player helps you generate vehicle tracks adjusting the playback speed whenever you need. Track Player is a great demonstration tool that allows seeing several tracks at once, viewing the pictures sent from the tracking device and observing events and violations.

Eco Driving

Eco Driving is an app for refined vehicle and driving-behaviour analysis. Estimation will be beased on the following parameters ‒ speed limits violations, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, and certain custom parameters (sensor data) to be taken into account. The system of norms and standards can be easily adjusted for speficic vehicle types and drivers; and it’s up to integrators to develop their approaches towards penalties/rewards based on Eco Driving results.


As you already know the driving style causes a substantial impact on vehicle performance. iDriveSafe provides the detailed analysis of the trip and evaluates the driving behavior based on three main recorded parameters: harsh braking, hard acceleration, and sharp turn. Driving can be also evaluated depending on the vehicle type: car, van, bus or truck.

To establish your own requirements to vehicle use, you can set the strictness of driving behavior assessment ranging it from loyal to utterly strict.


Do you want to control and analyze in efficient manner your GPS fleet tracking business? Dashboard application allows to visualize the key performance indicators and customize them in the most convenient way.

Such indicators as mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, idling, geofences, time in trips will be part of evaluations.


To help you increase the quality of transport and logistics services Wialon offers an efficient application Chatterbox.

Chatterbox allows you not only to communicate with the driver, but also to control the vehicle by sending commands. Chatterbox enables communication between the dispatcher and the monitoring unit via Internet (TCP-, UDP-connection) or SMS.


Do you want to get to know first if any equipment failure occurs? Sensolator offers monitoring of remote sensors on both fixed and mobile assets. In case of equipment failures the application will send notifications.

Sensolator is a fully customizable interface that enables managing assets in real time, simultaneously having access to different parameters and key performance indicators of fixed and mobile assets.


Do you want to react to loss of vehicle activity in a timely manner? Actualizer helps to detect the vehicles that have not been sending any data to the monitoring system for a long period of time. The application can be used by taxi dispatcher companies for cases of recalculations and settling issues with drivers and passengers.

Vehicle’s activity is estimated according to the time of the last message received from it. Using this application you avoid manual selection of inactive units in reports.


Do you need to pass on further the telematics data about the fleet to your own servers or other systems? Application Protocoller helps you do exactly this.

In a word, Protocoller is a functional application that enables you to retransmit data using retranslators for as many units as necessary.

Delivery Service

Do you want to increase the chances your vehicles will get to the designated destination in time? Do you want to design the best routes for your fleet?

Wialon offers you to use Delivery Service application that helps calculate the best route considering vehicle location and the desired time of arrival to the designated location.
Moreover, once created, this best route can be saved and used again later.

Messages Manager

Do you want to make your dispatcher or technical specialist analyze the information and perform as efficiently as possible?

Wialon offers you to use Messages Manager application that helps dispatcher or technical specialist to analyze and deal with a multiple messages sent to and from the vehicle.

Using Messages Manager you can find an event registered in the system last month or control the execution of a command sent to the vehicle. Messages Manager allows you to deal with this information in a convenient interface, without any additional panels.

Backup Viewerv

Backup Viewer is an application designed to view archive messages and unit tracks. To view messages history you need to import .wln file or archive to the app. After it’s loaded you get unit track and messages in a tabular form.

Driving Logbook

«Driving Logbook» is an application that allows creating tax reports which show the actual usage of company’s car in private and business trips.

Tacho Manager

«TachoManager» application is used for managing ddd files generated by tachograph. Files are parsed and binded to drivers in Wialon and can be uploaded automatically (through GPS tracker) or manually by normal file upload method. Application lists activity per each avaible driver and can be used to download ddd files for storing or processing in separate tools.

Tacho View

TachoView processes the data received from tachograph files based on the AETR and the EU specifics. The App shows driving times and rest periods of the registered driver. It allows reflecting driver’s activity over a “timeline” for better visual analysis.

The assessment can be built on the “Driver’s activity” recordings with detailed entries over the specified period, and “Activity chart” where recordings are organised into diagrams over the time interval.
The entries can be printed in the form of report directly from the App.