Wialon fleet management solution embraces a wide range of industries from commercial transport to private cars, including long-distance on-hire trucks, taxicabs and corporate fleets. Feature-rich modules, customizable software, and convenient reports are adjustable to bring about your fleet essential KPIs and provide in real-time along with accurate diagnostics available post-factum. Wialon allows the development of apps on the basis of its SDK module, and also offers integrations with third party solutions and various billing systems. Wialon is proud of its compatibility with a vast number of AVL trackers, thus becoming a professional B2B solutionfor driver behaviour monitoring, driver dispatching on top of various fleet tracking activities..


Increasing the productivity and life of your equipment and reducing your operational costs becomes the core objective for the fleet management industry. Different types of heavy equipment that are used for agriculture have their own set of problems, establishing the new demands on the fleet management system.Multiple job-sites, off site repairs, and heavy-duty use add a level of complexity to managing the specialized fleets. We offer the trouble free service and powerfulreport-building tools with additional system applications that work precisely with agriculture.Wialon has a history of supporting the most sophisticated projects. Along with reliable partners we develop add-on modules to manage fleets from tractors to specialized heavy equipment.


While your fleet operates in some of the most hostile, dirty and abusive environments, a cost effective solution that would include efficient fleet management and its preventative maintenance has always been a challenge to find.Construction fleets have their own set of problems that make it more difficult to manage. With an enhanced level of scalability, Wialon software provides analytics for fleets in all climates, environments and levels of accessibility.With a proud reputation of carrying out projects worldwide, Wialon software will give you the competitive edge for bidding projects.Our software will do uneasy job of bringing you the essential data in the most comprehensive reporting format.


Wialon software has a range of functional modules, which enable fast reaction and precise monitoring. Not knowing vehicle’s whereabouts may cost lives.Wialon software already supports a number of projects in state sector developed for emergency teams such as ambulance, police, fire department and the command centers. The system consists of an operation management software, digital mapping applications, vehicle tracking and mobile data communication systems functioning in a fully integrated manner.The process of operations management in zeitnot environment can be done effectively by means of dispatch modules developed with Wialon and other integrated hardware components.


In delivery and field service companies are not only tied to stringent deadlines, changing prioroties, fulfilling the service level agreements and keeping your highvalue assets safe, but also are concerned with increasing the overal productivity of their fleets.With Wialon software you get the total visibility of the real-time daily vehicle depature times, confirmed deliveries, and also get to monitor fuel use and idle costs. You get the complete report of where the vehicles are, how they are used and maintained, and are notified in case of agressive driving and speeding.For additional task validation and communicationdirectly with drivers in real-time you will avail of additional system modules to enable this.


Transportation of hazardous materials, safety maintenance and compliance with standards of oil and gas companies are getting more and more demanding, considering that interruptions and system downtimes lasting short periods may shut down the business for days.Wialon will ensure that you are constantly alerted of any deviations from delivery schedules, critical sensor values and disruptions of the transportation tank. Wialon will also help you maintain reliable communication with the driver and ensure immediate reactions.When it comes to off-site monitoring of fixed assets especially in harsh environments, companies whose industrial sites and equipment can be tough to get to immediately — will benefit from the multi-purpose nature of Wialon.


Effective labor management requires tight controls and policies in place to avoid time and productivity losses. More often than ever it requires the adequate knowledge of your staff locations to streamline the time consuming processes.An integral part of this process is having the right solution in place to track time and locations . In addition, our software enables to properly schedule your workers’ time and fleets.Wialon workforce management solutions allow you to optimize the investments and avoid efficiency losses by identifying employees’ locations and reacting appropriately in the case of discrepancies in time worked.


Do you feel nervous when your wife borrows a car for shopping? Do you worry whether your children are at school or your elderly parents are safely back home? GPS tracking for elderly parents or those with special needs could be the difference between life and death.For the tracking of loved ones and the seniors the same solution, with regard to precise map locations and notifications can soothe your anxiety of the possible whereabouts of your family, pets or valuables. The solution, unlike the majority of analogous applications, is designed with a view to simplicity and easy-to-manage device configuring. Wialon knows exactly where your wife’s car is moving and keeps an eye on her driving behaviour. It will tell you where you loved ones are so they will never get lost.


Wialon has a variety of telematics devices perfectly compatible with our solution, allowing a complete history of locations, statuses and conditions to all be shown in a simple and accessible interface.When it comes to fixed and mobile assets, Wialon software components can be combined with different kinds of supplementary sensors and telematics devices, which allow remote monitoring of construction equipment, portable machinery, containers and electronic equipment in an easy and manageable manner. Wialon asset tracking solution is ideally designed for monitoring the machinery and other equipment as well as people and vehicles. Keeping track of all these assets solves logistical and security issues for any company, thus improving resource planning.