GoGPS Goes for Sports

To be in good shape GoGPS never misses an opportunity to participate in sports events. This summer our tracking system has shown up both on the ground and in the air. In the end of June GoGPS traditionally left for Tatarstan to assist CanAm Trophy Russia quad race with technical support. Following this muddy rush, our system set for the sky providing technical assistance to Russian Ultralight Aviation Sports Championship.

CanAm Trophy Russia 2016. 1 Stage

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It’s already been the 6th time when Can-Am Trophy participants connected their vehicles to GoGPS to hit the roads of Russia. In such competitions our system is crucial for accurate race assessment and driver security assurance. Due to GoGPS flexibility, the participants were free to choose any GPS hardware type as well as our software tracker WiaTag.

There is enough evidence to say GoGPS is essential for race judges who assess performance quality and speed of the race participants. Providing the opportunity to track real-time drivers’ location with handy mobile client, GoGPS seems to be even more valuable for fans.

In 2016 more than 100 drivers are fighting for the lead in three CanAm Trophy disciplines: ATV, SSV Sport and SSV Standard. The first stage distance comprised 860 kilometers which were to be passed within 4 race days.

The results of the race as well as an amazing photo report are available at the official CanAm Trophy Russia website.

Russian Ultralight Aviation Sports Championship

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This summer “Pervushino” airfield, situated 40 km from Ufa, united air-sports amateurs and professionals eager to watch the plains, ultralight trikes, powered parachutes, paragliders and gyroplanes taking-off and sailing through the sky. Our partner Neomatica for the second time provided the event administration with technical support, offering ADM terminals connected to GoGPS system.

GoGPS proved to be the ultimate solution for pilot performance quality evaluation. Geofences tool, for instance, allowed to assess the results of “Butterfly wing” or “Gear” exercise. Pilots were required to pass the control points, marked on the map, and in certain sectors exhibit maximum and minimum speed. GoGPS allowed for checking all the points passed by the participants in real time.

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While performing “Triangle” exercise, the pilots were required to maneuver the largest triangle possible. GoGPS helped to calculate the area of the figures and define the winner.

The event hasn’t been without emergency situations where GoGPS came to the rescue. One of the pilots failed to land safely and got injured. Only the tracking system installed prompted fast reaction of control service specialists. Fortunately, the sportsman was timely taken to the hospital.

During breaks the pilots were granted access to GoGPS system to survey the results and analyze their mistakes for further corrective actions. Due to GoGPS mobile client, the spectators also had the opportunity to observe sportsmen performance in real time.